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Birthdate:Jul 16
Location:Seattle, Washington, United States of America
Sassy librarian who really just wants to make the world a better place.

Interests (135):

aclu, activism, alfred hitchcock, anxiety, arcade fire, bassoon, being silly, bike riding, bloom county, books, books on tape, built to spill, burning man, camping, cheese, chicago, chicago style pizza, chinese food, clouds, comics, cookbooks, cooking, costume parties, costumes, cubs, dadaism, dan savage, dark chocolate, dirty jokes, do-it-yourself, dogs, douglas coupland, drag queens, dreams, drums, dumpsters, eddie izzard, estate sales, fashion, fluevogs, food, food writing, found objects, free, free will astrology, french films, gardening, garlic, garth nix, gifting, gifts, goodwill, grandaddy, graphic novels, green tea, hiking, hip hop, home improvement, humor, ice cream, independent films, indian food, james tiptree jr., john coltrane, kissing, laser pointers for cats, light, lucid dreaming, lynda barry, m.f.k. fisher, magnetic fields, making music, mekons, movies, music, my pussy-cat, naps, neil gaiman, nerd glasses, neutral milk hotel, new york city, noam chomsky, opera, outsider art, people, periscope studio, philip k. dick, photography, platform shoes, poetry, portland, postcards, reading, red beans and rice, road trips, rootbeer floats, running, sake, santa, santarchy, satire, saving the world, seattle, sex, sigur ros, sleep, stephen sondheim, storms, street art, street fashion, sufjan stevens, sushi, swearing, swimming, teen librarians, the decemberists, the marx brothers, the onion, the pixies, the simpsons, the white stripes, the wire, thrift stores, tiaras, tom waits, traveling, truth, unshelved, vintage, vintage clothing, vonnegut, wacky, wigs, writing, yoga
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